My name is jackie, hello. i'm 17, i can't dance, i will draw on occasion, i am an idiot, and I also have a blog. Welcome.

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"This book was of great help when breeding with my blue rose!" 
                                                     A. Krogan.

"Yea, he is kind of good in bed. I´d read the book"
                                                     A. T´Loak

"Mordin what is that picture for?"
                                                     G. Vakarian

                                                    J. Shepard

"Do you have something about androids in that book you are making?"
                                                    J. Moreau

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goatprince asked:
poupon i have a cold what do i do


a cold war, eh? consider uranium enrichment and prioritising  your space program

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I am really looking forward to someone teaching Ichabod Crane about liking things ironically. Or unironically. And he’ll just be like, 



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quoth the raven, “yah nastee

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Thank you. This is the best.

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how did you even get here

we’re like, in space

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7 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need


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